General information

KazInterBeauty – the first and the largest professional event in the industry of beauty and health in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. For over 15 years, the exhibition and the parallel events within it brings together the interests of the market operators, at the same time reflecting the industry’s position and encouraging it. Annually, the exhibition demonstrates the industry’s growth, gathers the key operators of the industry segment with the new ones; local and international companies; worldwide known brands as well as new brands are introduced. Such events are always and everywhere essential for the development of markets. KazInterBeauty – a marketing platform for companies and their brands, which eliminates the regional, social, gender and age barriers. This exhibition gathers the largest audience and is able to associate brands with relevant consumers. KazInterBeauty will help find the optimal conditions for working in the Kazakhstani market seamlessly integrate into the market situation and find the optimal form of cooperation with Kazakh companies. Our company specializes in conducting activities exclusively in the field of health and beauty. We are aware of all the segments of this market, possess the largest and most current database of professionals in Kazakhstan, we know the specifics of the sphere, have an extensive experience, as well as the ability to analyze the positive and negative experiences and trying to synthesize all the best. The many years of the project’s existence and its impact on the market demonstrates that KazInterBeauty and activities within it, creates a dynamic environment where commerce is the effect of living communication with the professional community. With KazInterBeauty the realization and accomplishment of the boldest ideas and the right steps leading to success are possible because, its visitors are always conscious of the event and wait for it again and again. VENUE: IEC «Atakent»- the largest and most effective exhibition platform of Kazakhstan and Central Asia